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MaxMantis Band Swiss Jazz Trio Vinyl CD BLUE



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MaxMantis - Dance Of The Moth Hunters (Live)
MaxMantis - Prey-ing Mantis (Live Studio Session)
MaxMantis - Abwärts (Live Music Video)
MaxMantis - Vo Lozärn gäge Wäggis zue (Live at Melbourne Int. Jazz Festival)
MaxMantis - Entre Le Boeuf (Live)
MaxMantis - The Tear (Live Music Video)

     MaxMantis is more than just a jazz trio: The three musicians form a legendary Clan of sonic storytellers who transcend stylistic and playful boundaries. For almost ten years, they've been touring the world with melodies that paint pictures of an exciting insect world. These understated arthropods inspired the band’s name, have fueled the creative process for many of the compositions and gave the trio a face, a story, and its own Universe.

       The ferocity of a praying mantis catching its prey, the vigour with which a giant Australian ant carries its weight one hundred fold, and the beautiful complexity of a golden silk spider's web: These creepy-crawly superpowers manifest themselves in the music of MaxMantis and define the characters of its players. With an added pinch of Swiss precision the three humanised super insects weave a web of sonic stories that transport the listener into a world full of energy, adrenaline and musical adventure – to infinity and beyond! 

Lukas Gernet (Jeff Mantis) – Piano

Rafael Jerjen (Rex Mantis) – Bass

Samuel Büttiker (Bob Mantis) – Drums


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