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There are no rules and roles: A deep musical understanding between three friends and the pressing search for new ideas sees the three heroes transcend beyond any stylistic or musical boudaries- into the infinite abyss and far beyond!

Maximum Mantis!

Behind the Pseudonyms of Jeff Mantis, Rex Mantis, and Bob Mantis are the three Swiss jazz musicians Lukas Gernet (p), Rafael Jerjen (b) and Samuel Büttiker (dr). Three unique high-calibre artists, that through their performance of musical themes, jingles and free improvisation tell the ongoing stories surrounding the MaxMantis Clan; in other words Marvel meets DC meets Jazz. Every hero, every ally and every villain has their own theme which is used as a catalyst to create music in the moment. Energy, joy and group interaction are certainly key words that describe how this trio morphs the disciplines of free and structured jazz into their own breed of music that is flexible and free yet unified and purely unique.


  • Founding

  • Concerts throughout Switzerland

  • Australia Tour


  • Recording & Release of P I N K (Live EP)

  • Concerts throughout Switzerland


  • Australia Tour (MIJF, PIJF)

  • Concerts throughout Switzerland, Germany, Austria


  • Recording & Release of G R E E N (Studio)

  • Europa Tour (BE, FR, DE, PL, AT, CH)

  • Concerts throughout Switzerland


  • Selected Participant ” Suisse Diagonales Jazz”

  • Winner of the Audience Award at ZKB Jazzprise

  • Recording of B L U E (Studio)

  • Elected to represent Switzerland at the “Circuito de Jazz Colombia


  • Music Video Production "Valsa do Adeus" & "Pelzer"

  • SRF Video Production 



  • Release of BLUE (Studio)

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