“What else is evident is how much the band enjoys the music they make, and even more so how much they enjoy performing it together.”

19.09.20 - Theater Casino, Zug (CH)

16.11.20 - Isebähnli, Baden (CH)

18.12.20 - Bau4, Altbüron (CH)

Past Shows
Circuito de Jazz de Colombia 2019

 (Medejazz, Pastojazz, Barranquijazz, Ajazzgo Cali, Festival de Popayan)
Melbourne Int. Jazz Festival 2017
Perth Int. Jazz Festival 2017
Cully Jazz Festival 2019
Suisse Diagonales Jazz 2019
Jacques Pelzer Jazz Club
Jazz in Bess
Murs du Son
La Spirale
Birds Eye Jazz Club